We provide total consultant services to support your lifestyle in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
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We provide total consultant services to support your lifestyle in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Introduction of Property Rental




Once you have decide to stay in Malaysia

If you have decided to stay in Malaysia, let's look for the ideal property for a comfortable lives. Our company managea large number of two condo property is referred to as being the most popular among Japanese called "Molek Pine 3" and "Molek Pine 4". We are the only Japanese companies that are doing the rental management and subsale of the two condo, we have obtain the trust of Japanese owners and local people around Johor Bahru.

We can also tell in detail like how the area might be develope for properties of other areas in Johor Bahru and that will be the biggest strengths of our company. We will help you choosing the perfect rental property that suits your wish and support you until move in. Of course, if you need to rent other than Johor Bahru area, please contact us.

Malaysia / Johor Bahru rental system

When you rent a room in Malaysia / Johor Bahru, there are a few different system from the foreign rental system. Below are the contents.

For deposit / security deposit / key money

In Malaysia, there is a deposit system, called the "Security Deposit". This "Security Deposit" generally about two months rental fee as market price.

Other deposit, you will need to pay upon arrival are "utility costs deposit" called "Utility Deposit".
In Malaysia, electricity, gas and water supply are already contracted with the owner (landlord)name. Therefore, since the contract name for the electricity, gas and water will remain by the owner (landlord) name, if any situation cause outstanding payment from the tenant, that is why owner will need to take utility bills deposit in advance "Utility Deposit".

Because of this system, you can use the electricity, gas and water immidiately after you move in. In addition, most of the property are fully furnished, you do not need much preparation to move in and you can live smoothly after that.

There is no renewal fee for every year or every two years once you have sign the contract.

Later when move out, the "Security Deposit" and "Utility Deposit" will be refund back to tenant. However, there will be inspection and if any repair are necessary or any outstanding bills, the fee will be deduct from the "Security Deposit" or "Utility Deposit".

Fire insurance

The owner (landlord) will pay the fire insurance. Therefore, if there is no necessity to add any special insurance on household then you do not need to subscribe any fire insurance.

Rental Payment

It is common to pay rental by cheque or bank transfer to the Management company.

Use as office and home

It is possible to use the rooms as a small office as SOHO. However, it is prohibited to make noise or received large visitor.
The rental fee will be recognized as a business rental, please contact us if you have any questions.


Some condominium in Kuala Lumpur have "pet-friendly" property, but basically pet breeding in the condo is prohibited.
There are some tenants keep pet in the condo but there is a possibility tenants need to move out if was found out. If you want to keep a pet, it is better to live in terrace house, or any landed house.

Experience the rental properties via Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

If you are far away and difficult to come to site for property viewing, you can have a "Virtual Reality" by looking 360 degrees of the room. We have receive good review from everyone and you can feel the room atmosphere. Please have a look.

>> Virtual Reality

Introduction of the districts and property for rent in Johor Bahru

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Johor state are third large state out of 13 states and the size are about 2 million square kilometers. The state capital of Johor state are located in the south of the province, nearby to Singapore called "Johor Bahru". Condominiums that we manage are in this area includes the International School. The following provides an overview of livable area.

We are introducing many properties for rent in our Facebook page.

The flow until you move in to the selected rental properties

We explain the Malaysian business customs for each STEP.


Inquiries about rental

Contact us via this website.


Select your requirements of the properties

Expected date for move in, area, bathroom number, furnished or partially furnished and also other request. (Such as bath tub, balcony, convenience for children to go to school etc.) We well short list from a lot of list to meet your requirements.


Showing of available properties

Once you have narrowed down the potential properties, we will guide you to actually view. It is hard only by viewing photo so it is better to see by yourself the actual ambience and check for any additional furniture and appliances that are necessary.


Contract between owner (landlord) and tenant (Tenancy agreement)

Once you have decide the property you wish to rent, contract period and rent, send together the request, such as adding equipment to the owner side, and all negotiations. If both parties agree, you need to sign the tenancy agreement. It should be noted that the cost that is required at the stage of the contract will be following.

  • The first month's rent
  • Security Deposit: 2 months rental fee
  • Utility Deposit:RM1,000
  • Contract fee:RM200
  • Stamp duty:about 300 ~ RM200(varies depending on the rental fees)
  • Referral fee:One month rental fee for 1-year contract (depends on the area)

Moving in

Basically the owner will responsible to repair when the previous tenants leave, so if you found any defects within one month after you move in you can contact us. After one month, repair cost under RM250 are bare by the tenants but if more than RM250, it will depends on the situation how the defects happens. In order the clarify the repair responsibility, we recommend you to take photo of the property so it will be evidence if any issue occurs during move out time.

Inquiry about property rental

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