We provide total consultant services to support your lifestyle in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
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We provide total consultant services to support your lifestyle in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

MM2H Visa Fixed Deposit Withdrawal



MM2H Fixed Deposit Withdrawal

Upon approval, you are required to open a Fixed Deposit account at any bank in Malaysia and must be maintained throughout the validity duration of your MM2H Visa.

However, from the second year onwards, you are allowed to withdraw partial of the required Fixed Deposit.

You can do it even if you are not in Malaysia.

Terms and Conditions

You are allowed to withdraw partial of your Fixed Deposit for below approved and paid expenses.

  1. House Purchase

    For the house purchased in Malaysia. House purchased under your spouse name are also allowed.

  2. Children’s Education in Malaysia

    School’s tuition fees and other expense related to your children’s education.

  3. Medical Expenses

    Expenses related to your medical treatment in Malaysia including medicine, consultation and hospitalization.

  • The allowed amount is RM50,000 for aged 50 years old and above and RM150,000 for aged below 50 years old.
    You must maintain the remaining of Fixed Deposit until you terminate your MM2H Visa.

Required Documents

1. Letter of Intent
If you are abroad, you need to sign the letter prepared by us and then courier to us.
2. Proof of Purpose of Withdrawal
  • House Purchase : Copy of Sales and Purchase Agreement (All pages)
  • Education Expenses : Copy of Letter of Offer or Certificate of Enrollment
  • Medical Expenses : Copy of medical treatment certificate
3. Proof of Payment
  • House Purchase : Copy of Receipt of Down payment
  • Education Expenses : Copy of Receipt of Tuition Fee
  • Medical Expenses : Copy of Receipt of medical treatment
4. Copy of Conditional Approval Letter 【SAMPLE】
5. Copy of MM2H Fixed Deposit Certificate
6. Copy of Passport Particular Page
7. Copy of MM2H Visa Page

Application Procedures



Please fill in the online inquiry form and submit.



Payment can be made via bank transfer or credit card via PayPal.

Documents Preparation

Documents Preparation

Email to us the required documents for verification.

Documents Verification

Documents Verification

We will get the Certified True Copy for the necessary documents.



We will submit your application to the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC). MOTAC will process the application in 3 working days from the submission date. MOTAC will issue an Authorization Letter to withdraw your Fixed Deposit.

Fixed Deposit Withdrawal

Fixed Deposit Withdrawal

Submit the Authorization Letter to bank to withdraw your money from the Fixed Deposit account.


Required documents preparation and verification
Submission to the Immigration Malaysia
Fixed Deposit withdrawal support at your bank
Fees RM1,200


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