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Sarawak-Malaysia My Second Home (S-MM2H) Visa Application Guide



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*Notice of changes in S-MM2H conditions

From September 1, 2022, the following rules are applied:

  • Fixed deposit certificate in Sarawak is mandatory.
  • Mandatory stay in Sarawak for at least 15 days per year after obtaining a visa → 30 days or more per year.
  • After obtaining a visa, you can only work or do business in Sarawak if you are approved by the government under certain conditions.

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» Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Visa Application Guide

S-MM2H Programme Overview

Sarawak is the biggest state in Malaysia, which is located on Borneo Island. The north part of Borneo Island is also called East Malaysia. Sarawak has a total land area of 124,449.5km2 and population of 2.82 million.

Sarawak is a self-government state in Malaysia. Sarawak controls its border even against Malaysian nationality.

You will need to take a flight to travel from peninsular Malaysia to Sarawak.

You can fly to Sarawak using the following air routes:

  • - From Kuala Lumpur : 1 hour 45 minutes by domestic flight
  • - From Singapore : 1 hour 30 minutes by international flight

The capital city, Kuching, is the largest city in Sarawak and is known as the “City of Cats” and the city satisfies its name in every sense by fully embracing cat culture.

The S-MM2H is a Sarawak self-government supported programme that allows foreigners who fulfill certain criteria to stay in Sarawak with a multiple-entry social visit pass. It is different from the popular MM2H programme introduced by the central government of Malaysia.

However, when the central government of Malaysia freezed the MM2H programme in July 2020, the S-MM2H programme attract attention because new application are still accepted in Sarawak.

Both S-MM2H and MM2H visa is the same long term visit pass to realize your long stay in Malaysia. But there are slightly difference in the application process and terms and conditions.

Kuching Sarawak

S-MM2H incentives and benefits

  1. Friendly requirement for applicants above 50 years old

    To show proof of financial capability by liquid asset and monthly offshore income.

  2. Allowed to stay anywhere in Malaysia except Sabah

    Allowed to stay not only in Sarawak, but also anywhere in West Malaysia.
    (MM2H visa allows you to stay anywhere in Malaysia except Sarawak.)
    *Since November 2022, a clause has been included in the approval letter stating that "allowed to travel to West Malaysia EXCEPT to reside in West Malaysia". As of March 2024, this condition has not yet been enforced in the visa endorsement process (and as a result, residing in West Malaysia is still possible), but it is possible that residing in West Malaysia will eventually become impossible.

  3. Applicable for family members as well

    The main applicant may be accompanied by a spouse, unmarried children under the age of 21, and parents (not the spouse's parents).
    *The spouse and the main applicant shall apply together. The Spouse is not allowed to apply after the main applicant has been granted the visa. Children and the main applicant's parents can apply as additional applicants after the main applicant is granted the visa.

  4. Visa can be renewed

    The S-MM2H visa is a 5 + 5 year visa. The visa is valid for up to 5 years and eligible for 5 years of renewal. After that, the S-MM2H visa may be granted in the form of a new application.
    *Visas for children and parents are renewed every year.

  5. Fast approval

    From submission of documents to approval take about 90 business days only.
    *It may be longer than expected. As of March 2024, the processing time has been taking approximately 10-12 months.

Who can apply?

Those who fulfill the following requirements are eligible to apply S-MM2H visa. The requirements depend on applicant’s age.

Age 30 – 39 years old 40 – 49 years old 50 years old and above
Requirements To fulfill either below
1. Having children (below 18 years old) who are pursuing further education in Sarawak
2. Undergoing long term medical treatment in Sarawak
To fulfill either below
1. Having children (below 18 years old) who are pursuing further education in Sarawak
2. Undergoing long term medical treatment in Sarawak
3. Purchasing a real estate in Sarawak for RM600,000 (Kuching) or more and RM500,000 (outside Kuching)
To fulfill the following "Proof of Financial Capability"
Proof of Financial Capability

To fulfill (A) and (B) below;

(A). Financial Proof: To fulfill any one of the followings.

Monthly Offshore Income: Individual : RM7,000 / Couple : RM10,000

* Pension Funds can be accepted.

Personal Saving Account Balance: Individual : RM50,000 / Couple : RM100,000

Fixed Deposit in Home Country: Individual : RM50,000 / Couple : RM100,000

(B). Fixed Deposit in Sarawak: Individual : RM150,000 / Couple : RM300,000

Opening a Fixed Deposit account with a particular bank in Sarawak.

No Criminal Record Letter of Good Conduct (LOGC) from your country of origin (valid for 6 months after issuance)
Length of Stay Required to stay at least 30 days every year in Sarawak for extension and renewal of S-MM2H Visa
*The 1 year period started from the date of visa endorsement. Required for principal applicant and spouse only.
  • One year after the S-MM2H Visa is acquired, a part of the time deposit can be withdrawn for the purchase of real estate, purchase of a car, medical expenses and children's education (must be education institutions in Sarawak). You will be required to maintain a minimum balance of RM90,000 (Individual) / RM180,000 (Couple).

Comparison with MM2H programme

Terms and conditions for applicant below 50 years old

S-MM2H require applicant to invest in real estate in Sarawak, while MM2H only require proof of liquid assets.

Period of expiry and renewal terms and conditions

The maximum period of S-MM2H visa is 5 years and renew another 5 years provided that participate stayed at least 30 days every year in Sarawak. On the other hand, the maximum period of the MM2H visa is also 5 years and it is renewable provided that participants stay at least 90 days every year in Malaysia (from October 2021 onwards).

Working in Malaysia

S-MM2H pass holders can work in Sarawak under certain terms and conditions if they are approved by the government. MM2H pass holders are not allowed to work in Malaysia.

Comparison with MM2H programme

New application documents

0. Resume ...Main applicant only
1. S-MM2H Application Form ...All applicants
Please fill up and sign.
2. Copy of Passport (All pages) ...All applicants
Need copy of old passport if less than 1 year after renewal. All Passport validity cannot be less than 24 months.
3. Passport Size Color Photo (3.5cm x 5.0cm) ...6 pcs each for all applicants
With blue background.
4. Proof of Financial Capability

To prepare A (any one of the followings) and B.

A. Financial Proof Documents

①Monthly income

- Government-approved pension:latest 3 months payment slips

- Salary: latest 6 months salary slips

- A bank statement or bank passbook that shows the salary / pension transferred to your account

- Employment certificate / Pension certificate

* Real estate income such as rental, etc. is not accepted.

* Combination of multiple sources of income of the principal applicants is acceptable. Spouse's income cannot be combined.

②Personal saving account balance

- Latest 6 months bank statements

* The balance at the end of each month must meet the requirements.

* An account must be under the main applicant. Multiple accounts can be combined.

* An account in any country are acceptable.

③Fix deposit in home country

- Fix deposit balance certificate: latest 6 months


- Fix deposit certificate: stating that at least 12 months of deposit tenure remains (newly opened account is also acceptable).

* An account must be opened at a bank in the home country.

B. Fixed Deposit in Sarawak: You are eligible to open a fix deposit account in Sarawak to fulfill the financial requirement.

5. Documents other than economic proof (only for applicants under the age of 50)

For the age of 50 and below, one of documents compulsory to submit following as:

・Letter of permission from the Department of Education (for children to enroll in the school in Sarawak)

・Completed and signed particular form by a doctor in Sarawak (require long-term treatment in Sarawak)

・Real estate purchase certificate (purchase of RM600,000 or more properties in Sarawak) * Only available for those aged 40 - 49

6. Letter of Good Conduct from the Origin Country
 ...Main applicant and spouse
7. Marriage Certificate (if accompanied by spouse)
Original in English.
8. Birth Certificate (if accompanied by children/adopted children/step children)
Original in English.
9. Health report ...All applicants
Please fill in to the designated RB II form. It must be completed and signed by a doctor in Sarawak.

S-MM2H application process

Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact us through our website.



Let us know about when payment will be made.

Application document preparation

Application document preparation

Email the application documents to us.

Documents verification

Documents verification

Translation to English if necessary.

Submission - Fly to Malaysia (1st time)

Submission - Fly to Malaysia (1st time *All applicants)

Bring original documents. Get medical check-up (blood test, urine test, chest X-ray) at local clinic, open a fix deposit account, certified true copy the Passport, purchase medical insurance (above 60 years old are not required). Minimum 3 days of stay is required.

Waiting approval

Waiting approval

The Sarawak government will issue approval letter within 90 business days. (*It may be longer than expected.)

Approval - Fly to Malaysia (2nd time)

Approval - Fly to Malaysia (2nd time *All applicants)

After conditional approval, you need to travel to Sarawak within 6 months. The minimum stay required is 1 - 3 days. The following costs will be incurred when obtaining a visa.

  • Visa fee (RM500 / year)
  • Security bond (depend on country of origin)
  • Journey Performed Visa fee (RM500 / person)

Our support & fees

Documentation verification
Bank account opening
Accompany support for visa issuance
Accompany support for medical checkup
Transportation from (to) the airport on arrival and departure from Sarawak
Package Individual: RM13,000
Couple: RM15,000
Child: Additional RM1,000 / person
- Exclusive of medical insurance premium (approx. RM1,000 annually / person, above 60 years old are not required), medical checkup fee (approx. RM300 / person), certified true copy the Passport (approx. RM310 / passport: * If the passport renewed less than a year, the old passport also must be certified.) and Visa fee (RM500 / year), Security bond (refunded when visa is cancelled), Journey Performed visa fee (RM500 / person), travel cost to Sarawak, hotel expenses in Sarawak.
- Exclusive of document translation to English.
- On-site support will be provided by our affiliated agent in Sarawak (English available).

<Refund Policy>

  • In the event that you cancel your application, we will refund subject to the following conditions.
    Before submitting documents to immigration: 65%, After submitting documents to immigration: 0%

Enquiry about S-MM2H Visa

We have partnered with a Sarawakian agency to help you apply for and obtain an S-MM2H Visa.
If you consider obtaining an S-MM2H Visa as one of the options for a Malaysian long-term visa, please feel free to contact us.

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