We provide total consultant services to support your lifestyle in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
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We provide total consultant services to support your lifestyle in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

MM2H Visa Renewal



*Click below for MM2H Visa Extension After Passport Renewal.

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MM2H Visa Renewal

*For those who were granted MM2H visa before 2021.【Key points for renewal】

  • Financial requirement: Old conditions is applicable.
  • Renewal period after 10 years: "10-year renewal"→"5-year renewal"
  • Visa fee: "RM90 / year"→RM500 / year
  • Length of stay: Not applicable
  • If your MM2H visa expires before October 2019 and you have not renewed it yet, you are unable to go through the renewal process. In this case, it is recommended to proceed with the MM2H visa termination.

After the expiry of 10 years of MM2H Visa, the participants may request for a 5-year renewal. You are encouraged to request for the renewal at least 6 months before the expiry of the MM2H Visa. (You can still apply after your visa has expired.) You must be in Malaysia to apply.

The renewal process takes 40 days or more.

  • You may apply for the MM2H renewal procedure through us even if you obtained the MM2H Visa through other agents.

Required Documents for MM2H Visa Renewal

1. Letter of intent
2. Passport (copy)
If the passport was renewed before the MM2H renewal application, a copy of the old passports is also required.
3. Conditional approval letter (copy)
4. Fixed deposit related documents
The latest version of the MM2H fix deposit certificate and bank lien letter are required.
5. Medical insurance cover note (copy)
Must be bought in Malaysia. *Above 60 years old are not required.
6. Medical check-up (MFII Form)
7. Passport size color photo (3.5 x 5.0cm) x 1 pc
With white or blue background.
8. Marriage certificate (if accompanied by spouse)
9. Birth certificate (if accompanied by children)
10. Personal bond
We will prepare it for you.

Application Procedures for MM2H Visa Renewal



Please contact us 6 months before the visa expiry date.



Payment for our support fee can be made via bank transfer or Paypal (visa fee are not included).

Required Documents Preparation

Required Documents Preparation

Email to us the required documents and we will start preparing.

Enter Malaysia

Enter Malaysia

If you are outside Malaysia, please enter Malaysia (all applicants). You will undergo a medical examination at a local medical institution (a designated form must be completed and certified by a doctor). You will also purchase medical insurance.

Document Hand Over

Document Hand Over

We will make a copy of the Malaysia entry stamp in your passport and get you sign some documents.



We will submit your application to the Immigration Malaysia. The Immigration Unit will process your application in 40 days or longer. You are free to stay in Malaysia or leave.



Upon approval, we will take your passport to the Immigration and the MM2H visa (Multiple Entry Visa) will be endorsed on your passport. All applicants need to enter Malaysia. You will be required to pay the visa fee upon returning your passport.

Fees for MM2H Visa Renewal

Required documents preparation
Submission to the Immigration Malaysia
Fees Main applicant: RM3,500
Accompanying family members: Additional RM500 / person
  • Visa fees are not included (RM500 x years of endorsement).
  • If you renew your MM2H visa after it has expired, you will need to pay RM520 for the Journey Performed (JP) Visa.
  • If you obtained the MM2H Visa through other agents, a security bond application (RM10) is required.

Precaution of Renewing Your MM2H Visa After Its Expiry

Please note the following if you are applying for a renewal after your MM2H visa has expired.

If you are in Malaysia (Either A or B action required)

  • A. Apply for an extension of stay permit.
    If you wish to stay in Malaysia and apply for a visa renewal, you will need to apply for an extension of stay permit (special pass).
  • B. Re-enter Malaysia.
    You leave Malaysia before your MM2H visa expires and re-enter Malaysia on a tourist visa after your visa expires to renew your MM2H visa.

If you are outside Malaysia

  • You enter Malaysia on a tourist visa and complete the MM2H visa renewal process.

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