We provide total consultant services to support your lifestyle in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
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We provide total consultant services to support your lifestyle in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Company Set Up Support in Malaysia




Setting up a Company in Malaysia

3 ways to set up a company in Malaysia

Establish as a branch of foreign company

Establish as a branch of foreign company

Become a branch of foreign company. Low management and maintenance cost and business activities are allowed. But, will not eligible for tax incentives. Also, there are restrictions on license acquisition in many kind industries.

Representative Office

Representative Office

Business activities such as commercial transactions are prohibited and only non-profit activities are permitted. The office is usually valid for 2 years and renewal procedures are required.

Establish a Malaysia Company

Establish a Malaysia Company

If you are thinking of expanding your business from overseas to Malaysia, establishing a local Malaysian company is recommended. This company will not have any relationship with overseas company and no legal liability. Our company is supporting Malaysia company establishment.

Advantages of Opening Malaysian Company

  1. Able to obtain employment visas

    Up to 2 employment passes can be acquired (for capital of RM500,000).

  2. Permitted to live in Malaysia

    Employment pass allows you to live and earn income in Malaysia.

  3. Permitted 100% foreign ownership

    Foreigners are allowed 100% ownership of their company.

Conditions for Incorporation in Malaysia

Corporate Tax Rate 24%
Capital RM500,000~
RM1,000,000~ (Trading, retail, restaurants, etc.)
*For aquiring employement pass
*The director must be a long-term resident of Malaysia.
Employment Pass Yes, it can be renewed. In recent years, there have been many cases where the first renewal was for one year. It is possible to obtain a dependent pass for dependents.
*Minimum monthly salary: RM5,000 or more. However, in reality, it is difficult to obtain a visa unless it is RM10,000 or higher.
Employment Required (Malaysian recruitment is not mandatory.)
Company Secretary Required (Qualified Company Secretary is required.)
Accounting Auditor Required
Dividends Yes
Corporate Bank Account Yes
Internet Banking Yes
ATM Cards No
Office Not required
Residency in Malaysia Not required

Malaysia Company Set Up Support Service Flow



Please contact us through our website. We welcome your questions.

Consulting and Counseling

Consulting and Counseling

Utilizing experience in the Japanese consulting industry, our representative will provide detailed consulting and counseling.

Malaysia Company Set Up Application

Malaysia Company Set Up Application

Start application procedure. It normally takes 2-3 weeks.

Opening a Bank Account in Malaysia

Opening a Bank Account in Malaysia

Once the application is accepted and registration is completed, you will open a corporate bank account in Malaysia.

License, Work Permit Acquisition

Business License and Employment Pass Acquisition

Business license and employment pass application and get approval.

Malaysia Company Set Up Support Service Contents and Fee

Support contents Government related procedures for company registration
Opening corporate bank account (you must present yourself at the bank)
Fee RM10,000 (inclusive of above services)
Additional support Work permit application support (RM13,000/Individual, RM15,000/Couple, Additional RM1,000/Child)
Business license application support (RM10,000~) *
*Business license support depends on nature of business.

Our Diversified Company Set Up Support and Services

A bank account for a Malaysian company can only be opened if a resident in Malaysia (either a Malaysian or a foreigner living in Malaysia for a long term) is designated as a director of the company.

Therefore, it is necessary to decide who will be the local director when the company is registered.

In some cases, we can act as the local director and assist you in opening a bank account (additional charges will be incurred).

The company registration also requires a business address. In this case, you can use our address to register your business.

In some cases, it is difficult to obtain a business license depending on the type of business.

It might be easier to obtain a work visa if the company is registered in the Iskandar area of Johor. It is a good idea to ask a local company to set up your company that can discuss together with you 'type of business', 'area of registration' and 'type of business license to obtain a work visa'.

We have various know-how and we are well aware of the legal arrangements related to the establishment of a company in Malaysia.

We will introduce our local network that we have built up to now. Based on our experience of local business activities, we can provide various types of support and information on the business market in Johor Bahru, Malaysia to help you to start your business here.

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