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We provide total consultant services to support your lifestyle in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Moving To Malaysia




※"10 Reasons to Consider Malaysia as Your Second Home" (12 Mins)

Moving to Malaysia

Over the years, many foreigners from all around the world come to Malaysia and enjoy their life here.

Many of them who have actually moved to Malaysia wants to continue live here even after their permitted stay period expired.

It is because they are very satisfied with daily life in Malaysia.

What is the charm of Malaysia that keeps attracting so many foreigners? Is moving to Malaysia right for you?

This page will help you better prepare for moving to the beautiful Malaysia.

10 Reasons to Choose Malaysia as Your Second Home

10 Reasons to Choose Malaysia as Your Second Home

How do you fantasize about “moving abroad”? Recently, airfares are getting cheaper, and overseas is becoming very close. Furthermore, many countries have a passport which can enter various countries without a visa. In that sense, it can be said that it is easy to go abroad, especially if you are a citizen of below listed countries.

World Passport Ranking TOP10 [2020 Edition]
Rank Country Number of countries that can travel without a visa
1st Japan 191
2nd Singapore 190
3rd Germany / Korea 189
4th Finland / Italy 188
5th Denmark / Luxembourg / Spain 187
6th France / Sweden 186
7th Austria, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland 185
8th Belgium, Greece, Norway, United Kingdom, United States 184
9th Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Malta, New Zealand 183
10th Hungary, Lithuania and Slovakia 181

Reference:Henley & Partners Passport Index and Global Mobility Report

So why are so many people choosing Malaysia as their destination? Here are 10 reasons we think.

  1. The Weather and Location

    Malaysia has a rainy season and a dry season, but there are no four seasons, and the average daytime temperature is stable at around 30°C throughout the year. Therefore, it is very comfortable and physically friendly climate.
    Hay fever is not here in Malaysia. When you arrive at the airport, you will be relieved of the hay fever discomfort. Also the moisture is at comfortable level that you don't have to worry about dry skin. Enjoy the beautiful morning sun and sunset everyday through out the year.

  2. The House – Spacious

    house in malaysia

    Malaysian housing has a wide design, partly because the land is cheap. Therefore, you can stay in a roomy house at unthinkable price. In Malaysia, there are cheap and expensive condominiums, houses and houses with swimming pools. You can live in a reasonably cheap condominium and save more money. Or, you can choose to live in a condominium that has the same level of rent as in big city in your country and experience an elegant life that you cannot afford in your country. By all means, I would like you to challenge the elegant life that can be done because it is Malaysia.

  3. The Food – Cheap and Various

    the local food in Malaysia

    Since Malaysia is multicultural, you can enjoy authentic dishes of various cultures and they are cheap. At a hawker center (an outdoor stall facility) that serve local foods such as Malay, Chinese and Indian, you can have a meal at a price range of around RM10(USD2.30). An "economy meal", which is a selection of several kinds of prepared foods and a plate served with rice) is popular with locals. Even if you eat Japanese food, Korean food, and Italian food, you can still eat it for about RM17(USD3.75).

  4. Multicultural Country – Truly Asia

    Malays, Chinese, and Indians and many other ethnic groups have lived together in Malaysia for generations. It seems that there were historically conflicting times, but they are finding ways to coexist throughout such history.
    Such ideas will be treated in the same way even if other background people, foreigner, appear. Because of the variety of skills that people have when interacting with people, it makes you feel that they are kind enough to welcome foreigners.

  5. English is Widely Spoken

    The official language of Malaysia is Malay, but much communication is possible in English. Most of the sign boards in the town are in English, so it is easy for foreigners. Malaysia is also ranked high in Asia in English ranking, so it is also suitable as an environment for studying English. If you can speak Chinese, it is good enough to live here.

  6. World-class Infrastructure

    As Malaysia was a former British territory, social infrastructure is well maintained. There are solid things that are indispensable to society, such as the legal system, roads, water, electricity, and the Internet and they are as same level as develop countries.
    When starting a business in Malaysia, even when purchasing real estate, it is very reassuring to be able to operate under the strict legal system.

  7. Free From Natural Disasters – Peace of Mind

    Malaysia is located on the hard surface of the plate, so no worries about an earthquake. No typhoons. The only disasters is that the heavy rain.

  8. Safety – Low Crime Rate

    Malaysia is considered a safe country in Southeast Asia. But if compared to neighboring Singapore, Malaysia is still behind. There are snatching, but if you are careful in your daily life, you will not have much problem. It is possible to live a peace of mind with a little awareness (remember that you are overseas). It's not a country with a handgun in particular, so it's not a big worry.

  9. Beautiful Resort & Golf – Easy To Go

    Malaysia has famous resorts such as Langkawi Island and Penang Island, but Johor also has various natural resorts such as Desaru Coast, Rawa Island, and Aur Island.

    There are many golf courses in Malaysia, which make it easy to move and play at a low price. Many people have started playing golf since they moved to Malaysia.

  10. The Friendly People

    Malaysians are generally friendly with other people of all races and creed. By nature, Malaysians are open to foreigners since time immemorial, having traders from various nations and missions from various religions setting foot on the shores of the Peninsular Malaysia to ply their goods and beliefs.

Tips About How to Spend Your Life in Malaysia

Tips About How to Spend Your Life in Malaysia

So far, I have told you about the charm of Malaysia. There are individual differences in whether or not you like Malaysia, but I think there are still many people who like Malaysia. In terms of making effective use of Malaysia, there are several purpose of moving to Malaysia. What purpose you choose will also depend on how long you spend in Malaysia.

Purpose 1: Education

In terms of acquiring an international sense, Malaysia is a perfect country. Many international schools are open for foreign children to choose from, depending on the atmosphere of the school, educational content, tuition, area, etc.
Depending on the age of the child, there are routes to study at an international school overseas and then continue to an overseas school. Moving abroad for education is very important depending on what kind of adult you want your child to be. As a result, there are cases where education in your home country is good, cases where overseas international schools is good, and cases where education abroad is always good.

Educational Migration to Malaysia

Purpose 2: (Early) Retirement

Moving abroad for the purpose of (early) retirement is the most common pattern of foreigners. Before you retire, you will get an MM2H Visa, etc., or prepare a property, etc., and move to Malaysia after retiring. Generally speaking, when you retire, your income sources will decrease, so even if your income decreases, living cost in Malaysia will be very helpful in terms of keeping costs down and enjoying life. Furthermore, Malaysia has a wonderful environment for health care such as golf and massage.

If you have some margin, you can get interest rate of about 3% by depositing it in Malaysian bank account. If you can manage it properly, you can get more interest benefits.

MM2H Visa Application Support

Purpose 3: Business

Malaysia is a country with well-established laws. Therefore, even if compared to other ASEAN countries, acquiring real property in Malaysia is secured. This means that there is an environment where foreigners can claim their rights overseas. Due to such an environment, it is also possible for foreigners to setup a company in Malaysia and run a business. It is welcome to bring a business from abroad and secure local employment, so we also offer preferential treatment for such foreign investors. If you use the correct timing and usage method, it will be beneficial. Getting to know other countries through business is also an interesting experience.

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