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Housekeeping Service (Vacant House Management)




Second Home Care Service

Regular housekeeping is necessary for a stress-free and comfortable leisure time at your second home that you visit occasionally. Leaving your house unattended for a long time without doing anything will damage the house. It is better for you to maintain your house which is your important asset in good condition over the long term.
We take care of the maintenance and management of your home when you are away so that you can spend a comfortable time whenever you return to Malaysia.

Vacant House Care Service

We also manage a vacant house when the owner is away from home for a long time so that you can start living again in a clean and comfortable condition when you return. If you own a car, a regular maintenance service of the car is also available. Let us know if you need any other support when you are away. We are at your service.

Protect Your Asset With Our Housekeeping Service

(Your house key are kept with us.)

  1. Ventilation / Cleaning / Water Flow

    Open the windows to ventilate once a month. Malaysia climate is hot and humid throughout the year, so if your house left closed, moisture can build up and cause mold to grow. Also, vacant house is dusty and need regular cleaning.
    And the important thing is watering out. It allows water to pass around, water leaking monitoring, and at the same time prevents odors from entering the sewage.

  2. Defect Monitoring & Rectification

    We monitor if there is any defect and fix it immediately, or in some cases, during your stay.

  3. Bills Payment Support

    By depositing monthly maintenance fees, insurance premiums, utility bills, etc. with us in advance for one year, we will handle the monthly payment on your behalf.

  4. Monthly Report

    We will send you the current situation of your house and our monitoring report monthly.

    Sample of monthly unit report
  5. On Demand Services and Supports

    Let us know if you need other services and supports such as car maintenance (engine warm up and car wash), mail collection, private pool maintenance, plant watering, etc.

Satisfied Housekeeping Service

Other than house-keeping service, we are available to support your house cleaning before returning,
taxi arrangement from airport to your house, etc. upon request.

Please contact us if you need house-keeping service for a long term vacant house in Malaysia.


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